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Home to more than 500 million oil palm trees, Malaysia is the worlds’ premier oil palm growing area.

Malaysia’s leading position in both world palm oil production and export is due to the Malaysian Government’s continuous effort in improving the quality of palm oil, development of the related technology and palm oil downstream products.

The combined factors of a green environment, abundant supplies of high quality palm oils and related products and the strategic geographic location of Malaysia to other countries on the Asian continent led to the formation of a joint venture between the PGEO GROUP and VOLAC INTERNATIONAL LTD (UK) and the establishment of VOLAC INGREDIENTS SDN BHD (VISB) in 2003.

As a result of this joint venture, VISB commenced production of Megalac® in this region in 2004. For the very first time dairy cows in Asia have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of locally manufactured Megalac®, which is made from freshly produced and finest quality palm fatty acids.


Situated at the southern tip of Malaysian Peninsular, VISB is located at Pasir Gudang Industrial Park. Its location enables VISB easy access to many ports, such as Pasir Gudang Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Singapore Free Port; with the logistical advantage of being able to ensure that our products reach our customers in the shortest possible time, in the freshest possible condition.

In addition, the close proximity of the VISB factory to the PGEO Group-run palm oil refineries at Pasir Gudang enables VISB the benefit of securing a constant supply of the freshest and quality assured palm fatty acids for the manufacture of Megalac®.

VISB’s production and packing facility are fully automated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Europe.

VISB is also accredited with GMP B2 certification by the highly rated Productschap Diervoeder (PDV) (Product Board Animal Feed) at Europe. GMP B2 is a European quality control system of feed materials for animal feed.

To enable us to provide high quality customer service and product distribution, VISB has a pool of committed distributors providing on-site sales and technical support to our customers. The undivided commitment and support provided by the highly experienced technical support team at Volac International Limited reinforces our ability to serve our customers better in this part of world.


MEGALAC® - Calcium Salt of Palm Fatty Acids is a registered trademark of Volac International Limited. Megalac® has the highest measured NEL (net energy for lactation) of any ruminant fat supplement, and is proven to significantly increase milk yield and milk fat production, as well as to improve cow fertility and health status. It is also suitable for feeding to other ruminant animals.

MEGAFAT™ - a high palmitic (C16) Calcium Salt. Megafat™ rumen bypass fat has been designed as a high energy ingredient specifically targeted at farmers who wish to increase milk fat.

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